The One Man (ADHD) Sideshow

by | Apr 9, 2019

the one man adhd side show

David Darwin is the one man ADHD sideshow. He’s an entertainer, magician, husband and father as well.

Darwin stopped by and we discussed getting through public education, parenting, and sword-swallowing as a metaphor for ADHD.

Because really, you cannot prove something is real to a person who doesn’t want to believe it. This is true in magic and in ADHD.

Highlights include:

  • Lessons learned from Penn & Teller
  • The nature of persistence and intrinsic motivation with ADHD
  • The role of medication in becoming the parent you want to be
  • How to NOT psychologically damage our children
  • Thrill seeking as a tool for motivation
  • Building an ADHD-friendly business

Find David HERE

One Man Side Show

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