Confessions of an ADHD Housewife

Here's the first of my confessions of an ADHD housewife: I don't even like homemaking.   I get no satisfaction out of cooking, cleaning, organizing or decorating. Culturally, we've put a lot of pressure on stay-at-home moms and homemakers. If you don't aspire to...

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The Naked Truth About How ADHD Affects Women At Home

ADHD women at home don't have it easy. We have very high standards for ourselves and we are often left feeling like a failure. I hated being a stay at home mom. In fact I wrote an article about it for Huffington Post a while back. While I stand by what I wrote in that...

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What’s The Point Of Homemaking?

A study done a couple years ago claimed that the services of a stay-at-home parent are worth upward of $100,000 per year. SOURCE  This estimation is probably accurate. Without factoring in childcare as part of one's homemaking responsibilities, it takes a lot just to...

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