Stop Making Excuses About ADHD

by | Mar 19, 2019

Stop making excuses about ADHD

In this episode of the See in ADHD Podcast I go more in-depth about why we need to stop making excuses about ADHD. And also, why we need to stop using ADHD as an excuse.

See the ADHD is not an excuse companion post here.

Highlights include:

  • Refusing to acknowledge or treat ADHD does not free you from responsibility for your actions
  • Creating excuses for NOT treating ADHD is damaging to your sense of self (and your chances for success)
  • Untreated ADHD cannot be used as an excuse for bad behavior and making poor choices
  • The world is not going to change for us, we have to adapt in order to get ahead
  • An example of impulsive behavior and time blindness from my life
  • A call to action for us to show the world what empowered ADHD adults CAN do