Shame Is Not Your Story

by | Apr 23, 2019

shame stories and ADHD

At the end of my conversation with Dania Chebib I asked her how we should end our recording. And she said, “Shame is not your story.” It was perfect, so I made it the title of episode 304.

Dania Chebib is a psychotherapist practicing out of Kelowna, British Columbia.

Her areas of specialty include: ADHD/Autism in adults, negative self-talk/self-esteem, grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, LGBTQQI, sleep disorders, substance abuse, chronic pain, HSP’s, and stage of life issues.

Are you impressed, yet? You should be.

I first met Dania on Instagram – check out her account. It’s simple and inspiring, but it’s backed with solid information, which is basically what I try to do with my work.

I liked her vibe instantly, so I asked her to be on the podcast. Something tells me she might be asked by others after this episode goes live.

During our lengthy conversation we discuss everything from the fact that she originally did NOT believe in ADHD, to how to go into your body when you are having a meltdown.

You will hear:

  • Dania’s ADHD story
  • Rewriting your own story and developing self-compassion
  • Knowing when to walk away from an unhealthy situation
  • ADHD discrimination
  • Creating your own sense of credibility in your work
  • Shame as an inhibitory emotion
  • Recognizing shame
  • Mental health stigma as a societal issue
  • The difference between shame and guilt

Dania teaches you how to go into your body in this episode during minutes 37-47 so be sure to listen to this!



You and I both know we need help with our emotional regulation, and this episode is so crucial for learning about that process. I felt like I had been through a therapy session at the end of the recording, and I’m pretty sure Dania did, too.

We also discuss a couple of great books which I link to below. (Affiliate Links. See my full disclosure.)

Find Dania at Helix Integrative Here

Dania on Psychology Today

Dania on Instagram – DO FOLLOW


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