5 Insider Secrets To Clean Your Kitchen Fast

by | Aug 21, 2018

how to clean your kitchen fast

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Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of a home.

After all, this is where food that will nourish your family is prepared. Right?

Well…yes and no. When you have ADHD, you are sometimes flying by the seat of your pants, hoping the meal is healthy AND and meets the preferences of your family.

Good food may do magical things to your taste buds, but it does not come without a price.

Where a meal is prepared, there is a backstory – or in this case, a kitchen that has seen a battlefield of ingredients, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils.

After you prepare a meal, you may see a glorious mess.  But don’t stress!

You can clean your kitchen fast.

Cleaning your kitchen should be easy-peasy and quick, and our friends at ThinkCrucial have a solution.

5 insider secrets to  clean your kitchen in a flash


  1. Use Baking Soda to Mop Floors

Check Pinterest and you will find many references and ideas for using baking soda. This common and inexpensive home product can actually be an all-around cleansing ingredient when used right.

From shoes, to furniture, to clothes stains, to kitchen utensils, baking soda is a universal cleaning and whitening agent used by many wise moms around the world.

Floor and kitchen tiles can become stained from food spills, shoes, and other kinds of unwanted dirt and grime.

Instead of spending hours scrubbing these stains with water and soap, make the chore quicker by adding baking soda in the water and use the mixture to scrub the stained area.

  1. Clean Cast Iron with Salt

Cooking pans and many other kitchen utensils made of iron quickly discolor when regularly used, and some can even rust when not cleaned properly.

Some kitchen utensils such as pans, are used so frequently that they may develop a brownish or dark coloring. This is also true on microwaves and toasters where food stains can form a dark coating.

Avoid scrubbing these with a hard sponge and water, even if this may seem to be the obvious go-to.

Instead, use salt mixed with oil to put on to a soft sponge and lightly scrubbing the discolouring off the iron utensils.

  1. Buff Up Your Sink

The kitchen sink can easily become the busiest part of the kitchen because of its versatility in terms of kitchen tasks.

You wash your hands, ingredients for cooking, the dishes, and basically almost everything that you need for the kitchen in the sink.

This is why it can also easily become the area that needs most cleaning and tending to.

A clean sink can make the entire kitchen look fresh and inviting. Think about it – even Flylady tells us to “Shine Your Sink.”

Maintain your sink by using oil based cleaners, baby oil, or olive oil along with a rag to wipe away stains around the sink. You will be thrilled with the results.

Here is a list of my favorite cleaning products.

  1. Remove Tarnish with Ketchup

Some kitchen utensils tarnish easily.

Unsurprisingly, the utensils that tarnish are the most often used. Tarnished utensils can look dirty and unhygienic, so it’s best to keep them looking clean and sparkly.

Surprisingly, one cleaning agent you can use to remove tarnish is something that you already have in your kitchen – ketchup!

That’s right, Ketchup is not just a condiment, ketchup can be used to wipe tarnish from common kitchen utensils.

Dab a small amount on a kitchen cloth and wipe the utensils you are cleaning. Add more as necessary.

  1. Clean Every Appliance

To make the entire kitchen look and feel clean, you must ensure that every part is clean.

Avoid having to spend too much time cleaning individual appliances by having a regular cleaning routine. This way, you can avoid the piling up of rust and dust that can ruin appliances.

Create a weekly routine of cleaning and checking your appliances to see if each is still in working order.

Here is a general weekly cleaning schedule.

Keeping an immaculate kitchen feels nearly impossible for many of us.

Common sense dictates that kitchen cleaning will be time-consuming.  And yes, cleaning can be boring and take up a lot of time.

But making an effort to keep your kitchen tidy and hygienic could potentially inspire you to carry out good habits in other areas of housekeeping.  

When my kitchen is clean, it motivates me to cook and take care of my family. It’s like magic – I want to make a meal and spend time with the people I love.

Time spent together is the “heart” of a family.

In the words of Kris Carr, “Dinner is where the magic happens in the kitchen.”

So lets make dinner. (after you clean your kitchen fast!)