Parenting for College and Career Success

by | Aug 16, 2019

college and career success with ADHD

Parenting for college and career success requires us to lead our children to the intersection of interests, education and work. (Without imposing our own expectations.)

When I first heard Lynn Miner-Rosen speak, I thought that my son was waaaaaay too young to worry about college. Or career for that matter.

I mean we’re just trying to make it through elementary school around here.

But I also know that I have to be very careful about imposing my own expectations for my son on his educational path. As it is, I struggle to manage my emotions around his diagnosis and what it means for his future.

Parent’s should not wait until kids are seventeen to discuss career options.

Talk to your children about work and how people make money. Let them ask questions about what people do and what kinds of skills are involved in different types of work.

If they have specific interests, assist them in exploring how those interests can be parlayed into actual work.

You and I both know that kids and adults with ADHD need to be interested in order to be motivated. Unless you are independently wealthy, work is going to be a major part of your children’s lives. So we need to support them as they make decisions about career and college.

Parents can help or hurt the process – it’s as much about controlling our own expectations as it is about guiding theirs.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • What is a gap year?
  • How parents can avoid negative messaging
  • Why college is NOT for everyone
  • Managing parental expectations
  • Common challenges in college
  • Choosing and changing majors
  • The importance of doing research
  • Utilizing on-compus resources
  • Anxiety as an underlying factor for the success of our kids

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