Lets Get Real

by | Jun 4, 2019


Lets get real

No really, Lets Get Real about life as a woman, business, aging, relationships and parenting.  WITH ADHD.

Lets get real about all of it.

Because I’m forty and I just don’t care as much any more about appealing to everyone. What’s that expression?

If you try to serve everyone, then you end up serving no-one.

In this episode you will hear me get real (With a little help from the Velveteen Rabbit) about ten realizations I’ve come to in my forty years on earth.

  • Nobody has a perfect childhood (your kids won’t either)
  • Children are more perceptive than we like to believe
  • School is great, but an EDUCATION is what really matters
  • Look for mentors, you will need them
  • You need female friends
  • People suck sometimes
  • People are also amazing and profound and confusing
  • Practice tolerating discomfort
  • Learn how to ask for what you need
  • Keep it real. Always.


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