Whole-Person Perspective is
My Thing

I coach ADHD women and mothers toward seeing themselves as whole, complex human beings with ADHD

The world LOVES to tell women who they should be.

Many of us grow up thinking, or being told directly, that we are either smart or stupid, pretty or ugly, good or bad.

When we think about ourselves in these black-and-white ways we reduce ourselves to a list of (usually negative) traits.

But you are more than just a list of symptoms or failures. You are more than your ADHD diagnosis.

That’s why I coach from this perspective: to move forward, you need to shift away from black-and-white thinking and get comfortable in the gray.

ADHD women need a balanced perspective in order to heal.

For most of us, asking for ADHD support is like sprinkling lighter fluid and lighting a match. You either get dismissed, looked at with confusion, or piss people off.

This leaves a lot of women newly diagnosed feeling completely alone, and still having to show up as the partner, mother, friend, and daughter they were trained to be. It’s not like you can’t take a year off to rediscover yourself and travel (and take a young lover!).

That’s why, as a coach, I don’t just listen to your stories — I help you to develop mental flexibility so you can see yourself as a whole, complex person with ADHD.

How it works

1. Center Yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned talking to ADHD women over the last 8 years it’s this: we put ourselves last.

After so many years of hiding, masking, and overworking, we hit a wall. Hard. Like the Roadrunner except not as funny.

That’s why the very step is to commit to putting yourself first. (Or at least in the top three!)

2. Master ADHD Basics

A new diagnosis often brings up more questions than answers.

With coaching, you’ll get clarity on how ADHD shows up for you, the common co-occurring conditions, and how to select the right supports.

Then we’ll do the important work of untangling the you from the ADHD.

3. Create Change

ADHD creates barriers to self-awareness. It’s hard to see the whole picture when you’re inside the frame.

So for the final stage, we will experiment, practice building new habits and routines, and learn how to deal with resistance when it pops up.

Finally, we will talk about the role of mental flexibility in stress management and ADHD.

Monthly coaching packages

1:1 Coaching

Women and mothers 30+

Bringing a whole-person perspective to ADHD
women diagnosed later in life.

What’s included:

  • Weekly 1-hour coaching session over Zoom to identify and dive deep into what you want to work on
  • Voxer messaging throughout the week to help you implement changes

Investment: $300/month

What to expect

What outcomes can come
from ADHD coaching?

Bringing a whole-person perspective to ADHD
women diagnosed later in life.

What’s included:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Clearer sense of self beyond ADHD diagnosis
  • Habits and routines that keep you on track
  • A stronger support system
  • Better time management

What our Clients say

We went really deep really quickly. But we also did great with strategic, specific outcomes each week.


Liz cares deeply about people and supporting others. She’s curious and her questions spur you to examine the “truth” in a new light.


Liz is deeply empathetic, compassionate, and a whip-smart thinker. She can communicate complex ideas in ways that are clear and engaging. She is truly interested in other people’s lives and stories in a way that’s rare and valuable.


Have questions about 1:1 ADHD Coaching? Here are
some answers

Where were you trained?

So glad you asked! I wish more people would. I was trained via Coach Approach, founded by Denslow Brown.
I like to be transparent – I have not completed my ACC because right now I’m entirely focused on finishing my manuscript.
I have all the credits and 300+ coaching hours with individuals. I fully intend to secure a mentor coach when life settles down.

Who do you work with?

I primarily work with women over thirty who have brain-based challenges, including ADHD. Many of my clients have children, and most were not diagnosed until later-in-life. I spend a lot of time working with and integrating a new diagnosis.

What happens in a coaching session?

At our first meeting we choose an overarching goal for our time together. Goals are sometimes scary, and I get that, but if we have a goal it helps us to stay on track and ensures you get what you need.

After that we will choose a topic to dig into each session based on what is going on currently for you. I have a form if you need help narrowing the field, and I will assist in clarifying the topic, along with objectives for that day.

What are your fees?

Most clients like to meet weekly to start, so my normal fee is $300 for four (4) one-hour sessions. I bill for each set of four sessions before they are scheduled. I’ll send you a zoom link for our meetings via email before each session. (also as a reminder)
Your session day and time will be the same each week.

I don’t charge for no-shows but I will only wait ten (10) minutes before I leave. Because I coach two days per week I am not able to schedule you later in the same week. Your session simply moves to your appointed day/time the following week.

I ask for an initial three month commitment on the coaching contract.

Can I have a consult call with you?

Yes, absolutely. Fill in the contact form and I will be in touch.

Ready to get comfortable thinking in the gray?