A Career Coach Specializing in ADHD

by | Sep 4, 2019

ADHD career coach

Shell Mendelson is a career coach specializing in ADHD adults. I sat down with her to record a podcast about how ADHDers can find meaningful work. And I got a coaching session out of it!

Trained by Richard Bolles, Mendelson has coached and counseled thousands of adults with ADHD through career and life transitions. Her speciality is helping people like you and I get crystal clear on our skills, preferences, and working style.

Shell does not mess around, she is very good at getting to the bottom of your issues and forcing you to admit when you’ve let outside influences take precedence over your inner voice. (Who? Me?)

ADHD adults often struggle to separate their passions, from their skills.

For example, I am a fairly fast typer when I use a keyboard, but if you asked me to do dictation all day I would lose my marbles and grow resentful very quickly. Because I’m only going to type when I want to write something. Period.


Shell also believes in what she calls self-accommodation, or allowing yourself to think outside of your current situation.

You might be in a job that you are struggling but going to your supervisor for accommodations is out of the question. Many employers DO NOT understand ADHD and opening up that can of worms might** not be a great idea.

Instead, start thinking about ways to make the current job more palatable for you.

The environment and culture of our place of work is just as important as the work itself.

Don’t be afraid explore other career options. Open your mind, daydream…or maybe talk to a career coach.

The forward momentum will make you feel much better about your current situation and It will give your brain some relief from thinking about the job you don’t enjoy.

Sometimes we with ADHD limit ourselves because of our beliefs about what we are capable of. Those beliefs make it difficult to build a life and a career we love.

Shell’s motto is Career Clarity + Inspired Action = Results!

Affiliate Link. See my full disclosure. What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Bolles who trained Shell Mendelson.

 You will hear Shell coach me around some of my career issues in this episode as well, which is fairly entertaining.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Her own diagnosis in her 50s
  • The super successful business she created that ultimately FAILED
  • Her training in the, “Parachute Method” from Richard Bolles
  • The role of childhood passions in finding adult fulfillment
  • Self-accommodation at work
  • The importance of environment/working conditions for ADHD folks
  • The true purpose of an interview
  • How we limit ourselves based on our perceived limitations

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