ADHD Women and Self-Compassion

by | May 28, 2019

ADHD women and self-compassion

ADHD Women and Self-Compassion do not just go together.

At least not in a conversation.

You know what I mean. ADHD women don’t talk about self-compassion the same way we talk about our struggles.

But I’d argue this is a conversation we should be having.

You get the diagnosis, and then you are pretty much left to navigate treatment on your own.

As you learn more about how your ADHD brain is wired and what works you will eventually (I promise) get to a place where you are ready to move forward, and practice self-compassion.

The Negative Thought Vortex of ADHD, combined with the Executive Function difficulties inherent to the condition, make it difficult to manage emotions, plan ahead, and maintain meaningful relationships.

You will certainly have days that feel like a struggle. You will always have to manage your self-talk.

But you will also have progress. And days where you feel like anything is possible.

What I love about the practice of self-compassion is that you can do it on your own at any time. It’s another tool in your ADHD toolbox.

Listen to my thoughts on ADHD Women and Self-Compassion below.

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