Join Me at the 2019 ADHD Conference

by | Jul 25, 2019

2019 ADHD Conference

You probably think I’m joking but I’m not, YOU should join me the 2019 ADHD Conference.

I wrote about my first Conference experience in 2017. I had so much fun I’ve gone back each year since.

This year’s Annual International Conference on ADHD will be taking place November 7-9th in Philadelphia, PA.

If you have ADHD, or love someone who does this event is the best source of information and inspiration you are going to find.

Below is a podcast version of this post if you’d prefer to listen:


I listed a few important points about the conference below.

1. The conference is not just for doctors

I know that when we think of conferences, we always think of people with lots of letters behind their names. And there are some of those people here. But there are also parents, adults, educators, coaches, and just about every other kind of person you can imagine with or without credentials.

If you don’t want to geek out on the science of ADHD, simply don’t go to those sessions. You’ll be a given a book that lists the speakers, room locations, and times for all of the sessions.

2. There are sessions about everything

If you are interested in more practical info there are sessions about home organization, finances, and even career planning.

Just as a teaser here are a few of the topics listed on the speakers page:

  • Non-medication treatment options
  • Mindfulness
  • Couples impacted by ADHD
  • Digital distraction/digital learning
  • ADHD Expert Q&A sessions
  • Parenting WITH ADHD
  • Identity and personal boundaries
  • Parenting ADHD kids
  • Increasing motivation

3. adhd experts are everywhere

And you will get answers directly from these experts. Not some random person on social media. These people are not here just to get your attention or money, they know what they are talking about.

There is at least one session for the sole purpose of giving attendees the chance to ask questions and rub elbows with the experts.

Yours truly is working on some fun little pop-up and special interest groups. So definitely stop and say hi!

One of the best parts of the conference is that you can walk down the hallway and see an ADHD celebrity, and it’s not weird at all to walk up to them. Everyone is very friendly.

4. non-session activities

There are tons of activities planned throughout each day. These include things like morning walks, city tours, luncheons, happy hours, and a talent show run by ADDA.

I always go to the talent show because it’s so much fun, and the ticket price includes dinner.

Everyone at the conference is there to learn and to have a good time. It feels very inclusive and warm. So much so, that I often start talking to strangers.

If you know me – you know I am not particularly outgoing.

Here is the link to the registration website.


I highly recommend you join either CHADD or ADDA to get a discount on your pass.

Here is a link to join CHADD 

Here is a link to join ADDA 

You will be emailed a code for a discount on your hotel room after you purchase your pass. Obviously, you are not required to stay overnight but there is a discount for attendees.

The 2019 ADHD Conference is going to be the BEST ever. I know this because I’m helping out on the planning committee.

And you know if I’m there, it must be a good time.